Beetlejuice 2 writer reveals some plot points that might rile fans

Seth Grahame-Smith's latest effort Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter may have failed to inspire at the box office this weekend, but the writer is already working on his next project—the long-rumored Beetlejuice 2. But the sequel may not be the film that some fans are expecting.

Grahame-Smith has been a lifelong fan of Tim Burton's original Beetlejuice, and told Bleeding Cool he would like to stay true to that format—meaning Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) likely won't be front and center, but would instead play a role in a larger story.

The original Beetlejuice was a story about two recently deceased ghosts and the family that moves into their house. Beetlejuice is the crazy glue that ties the whole thing together and makes it work, but it's not really his story. Grahame-Smith said he believes that dynamic may be the only way to pull off a successful sequel.

But I think the magic ingredient is trying not to over do it. Not to make it some crazy, overblown big Beetlejuice Saves the World type of story. Frankly, Beetlejuice himself is only in the original movie for about a half hour. I think using him sparingly is key. And not trying to make it so modern, family friendly and broad but to cling to the things that made it a little dangerous.

And obviously we're not remaking the movie or rebooting it. It would be a sequel, and however much time has passed between the two movies, that's the amount of time that will have passed in the story.

Sound off: Is Grahame-Smith on the right track, or do you want a sequel to be all about the Beetlejuice?

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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