Batman and Bane go to war in epic new Dark Knight Rises trailer

The faceoff between Bane (Tom Hardy) and Batman (Christian Bale) looks epic, and the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises shows off more of the fight. And it looks awesome.

Christopher Nolan and company have been fairly coy with exactly how the Bane vs. Batman action will go down, but we now have a few new bits of footage that have us chomping at the bit for the July 20 release date.

If we weren't already sure, we are now: Bane will definitely be the biggest challenge yet for Bale's Batman.

The extended trailer also shows off a few new looks at the Bat and offers up a bit more exposition than we've seen in the past.

Check out the new trailer below:

Sound off: Do you like what you've seen of The Dark Knight Rises?

(Via SlashGear)

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