Amazing Spider-Man director says: Don't believe those reshoot rumors!

As we hit the final stretch before Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man opens, it hasn't been an easy run for the reboot—which has faced criticism for everything from origin tale tweaks to casting.

At one point, there were even rumors of a reshoot because the studio didn't like the film—but Webb says those reshoot rumors are just that: rumors.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, the director was asked point-blank about those alleged reports, and Webb said it was something that started on the Internet and gained legs. But it's bunk:

I have heard rumors that you wanted Peter's parents to be the source of his powers, not the traditional accidental radioactive spider bite. There are rumors of a reshoot to incorporate the more traditional spider bite.
Marc Webb: I think there was something on the internet.

I want to clear that up.
Marc Webb: It's completely false.

So what we see is the way it was always shot?
Marc Webb: Yes.

It's good to hear they didn't mess with Webb's vision of the film too much, because too many cooks in the kitchen are almost never a good thing.

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(Via HuffPost)

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