See 7 classic Marvel covers before the editors made them perfect

We've been following longtime Marvel Comics editor Tom Breevort's excellent Tumblr page, The Marvel Age of Comics, for a while now. In addition to sharing images of original art from classic Marvel superhero adventures, Breevort's recently taken to showing us classic Marvel covers, before they were retouched by editors.

"In the the Marvel Age of Comics, covers were continually tweaked and adjusted right up till the moment they were sent off to the printer," Breevort wrote. "Both editor Stan Lee and publisher Martin Goodman had strong opinions as to what constituted a successful cover—which was considered the most important part of the magazine, the thing that would sell it to prospective buyers. Additionally, the Comics Code Authority would occasionally request changes to covers they considered too violent or salacious."

Check out the side-by-side comparisons below, along with notes from Breevort about what was changed and why.

(Via The Marvel Age of Comics)

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