15 sci-fi movie and TV urban legends which turn out to be false

We've all had this happen: You're at a party, or a restaurant, or in a movie theater before the show, and you hear someone say "Hey, did you know ... ?" You know the pop culture tale they're recounting doesn't sound true, but what if they don't believe you? The entertainment world is full of urban legends, and many of them feature our favorite sci-fi stories.

To give you a leg up the next time you face one of those awkward truth-testing scenarios, we've assembled more than a dozen of the most rampant sci-fi legends that actually aren't true, complete with handy explanations you can share with your friends.

So the next time someone says, "you can see a Munchkin hang himself in the background here," you can confidently refute them, and tell them we said so.

(Legends and debunkings via Snopes and Legends Revealed)

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