Walking Dead actor reveals how his character SHOULD have died

Throughout the two-season run of AMC's The Walking Dead, death has become pretty commonplace—if anything, the real fun comes from seeing how folks bite the dust. According to one former cast member, he had a very different plan for his final moments that didn't make it on screen. Spoilers ahead for season two!

Jon Bernthal, who portrayed the dark and mildly crazy Shane, recently spilled his idea for how he thinks his character should have died. Bernthal's character bit the dust at the end of season two, after trying to kill Rick (Andrew Lincoln), then quickly reanimated as a zombie before being put down again.

According to Bleeding Cool's James Sabata, Bernthal opened up at Phoenix Con about how he wanted Shane's final moments to play out, and it would have actually been a pretty cool, self-aware twist for the character:

"He wanted Shane to knock Rick's gun out of his hand, then they'd wrestle, Rick would stab Shane, and Shane would reanimate as a zombie, as we saw. Here's where it differs. Rick would grab Shane's gun, intent on killing the zombie and it would click. Click. Click. No bullets. The idea was that Shane had never intended to kill Rick at all, but had brought Rick out into the woods to kill him. Jon Bernthal is convinced that Shane knew he was a cancer to the group and that he had to go. He just wanted Carl and Lori to be safe and for Rick to man up and take the role he was supposed to take. He said he truly believes that Shane was never as heartless as he wanted to appear that he was, and that's what makes him so entertaining to watch."

Of course, the writers decided to play it straight, with Shane simply trying to kill Rick and being taken out.

Sound off: What do you think about Bernthal's idea?

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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