This life-sized hologram tech is totally awesome

We've been waiting for viable hologram tech for decades, and though we haven't quite figured out a Star Trek-style holodeck, a group of scientists have figured out how to host 3D, life-sized holographic conversations. Awesome.

The tech, dubbed TeleHuman, features a person-sized tube that broadcasts the fully 3D hologram of the person standing in front of it. So you basically have one big tube at each location, and with each participant standing in front of their specified tube, they can have a man-to-man conversation from anywhere in the world.

"Why Skype when you can talk to a life-sized 3-D holographic image of another person?" Human Media Lab director Roel Vertegaal told the Globe and Mail.


The tech uses a 3D projector and convex mirror in the tube to nail the 3D effect, and Vertegaal said he thinks it could be a great tool for job interviews.

"It would be really cool to do a videoconferencing display like this. We think of this as a general-purpose tool like Skype, but the problem with Skype is that it's flat," he said. "You need a lot more than what videoconferencing can give today."

Check out the Telehuman in action via the clip below:

(Via The Globe and Mail)

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