The Rock teases role as DC's next screen superhero (but which one?)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has gone from star wrestler to bona fide action movie star. What's next? Well, rumor has it the Rock could be eyeing a DC superhero for his latest turn.

The news comes from Johnson himself, via his Twitter account. A fan sent him a tweet, saying: "I could see Rock playing in DC movies. Gravedigger or John Stewart (JL's Green Lantern)."

The Rock's response? "Funny U say that."


Hmm, it seems the G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Fast Five star may have a DC project up his sleeve, judging by the coy response.

What do you think? Would the Rock be a good fit as a new DC hero? If so, which one?
I mean, hey, with Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy coming to an end, we're going to need a new Batman soon enough ...

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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