See a gallery of every Batman movie and TV poster EVER

The Batman has been gracing our screens in one form or another since his first movie serial in 1943. Lots of screen time means lots of promotion, and lots of promotion means lots and lots of posters. Now you can see them all, from movies to TV to videogames and beyond, in one place.

This ambitious gathering of the Dark Knight's big- and small-screen exploits comes courtesy of the Poster Collective, who combed the interweb to compile more than 120 posters from throughout Bat-history.

"I've focused on the officially released materials (be it studio, game company, etc)," said Micah of the Poster Collective, who put the collection together, "not that there isn't plenty of amazing Batman fan art, particularly with the rise of the Christopher Nolan films, but hey, a man's gotta draw the line somewhere when putting together something of this magnitude."

The gallery begins with the 1943 The Batman serial, continues through the camp-tastic '60s TV series up through the Burton era and on to The Dark Knight Rises. In between you'll find posters for the very first Batman videogames, straight-to-video movies and the animated shows.

We've collected a few of our favorites below. To see the rest of the gallery in all its glory, head on over to the source!

(Via Poster Collective)

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