See 1st footage from the CBS modern-day Holmes series Elementary

With CBS's fall schedule announced this week, we finally have our first peek at the controversial modern-day Sherlock Holmes series Elementary in action. So, how's it look?

It looks... interesting.

Jonny Lee Miller's take on Holmes comes off like a mix between Fox's House (a Holmes' homage itself) and Steven Moffat's acclaimed BBC adaptation Sherlock. The New York setting brings a gritty style that at least feels a little different than the BBC effort, and the dynamic between Sherlock and the new Dr. Watson (Lucy Liu) seems unique enough, and could actually work.

But, for all the differences, this does bare more than a few resemblances to Sherlock—be it a pitfall of the premise or simply stealing from the best. Could Elementary be good? Absolutely. But, it's far too soon to tell if it will merely be an also-ran to Moffat's show.

Elementary will air on Thursday nights this fall.

Check out the first clip below:

So what do you think?

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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