POLL: So what did you think of Fringe's freaky season finale?

Fringe finished its fourth season with an explosive freaky finale that could have been a somewhat satisfying series finale even if Fox hadn't renewed the show. And reviews for "Brave New World, Part 2" online seem to vary from glowing to "bitterly disappointed."

TVfanatic.com's Carissa Pavlica said, "Four brilliant, thought provoking seasons with a fifth on the way. What more could an intelligent viewer ask?" And IGN's Ramsey Isler found the finale "fun and fulfilling, but it was far from flawless." While HitFix's Ryan McGee, who was disappointed by Fringe's entire fourth season, said, "I want it clear that I respected the decision of the show to go this route even as they took it further and further away from what I used to love." Comics Bulletin's Kyle Garret added, "'Brave New World: Part 2' was an uneven finale for an uneven season."

But how did YOU feel about Fringe's season-four finale?

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