Oxford University wants stuff chewed on by Bigfoot for DNA testing

Are you one of those people who wanders around looking for odd clumps of hair and the occasional slobbery stick in the hope that they'll be proof that Bigfoot walks among us? Well, now's your chance to put up or shut up, because Oxford is on the hunt for Bigfoot DNA.

The university has partnered with the Lausanne Museum of Zoology to collect as many purported samples from Sasquatch as possible, with the goal of using new DNA techniques to try to prove the creature exists.

According to Bryan Sykes of Oxford, the study has already received samples of hair, blood and things Bigfoot allegedly gnawed on, but they're still looking for more. The eventual goal is to test the DNA found in each of the samples to see if it presents evidence of mating between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals, which could have played a role in Bigfoot's origins.

"If we don't look, we'll never find out," Sykes said.

It's a long shot, but even scientists unaffiliated with the project are willing to admit that DNA testing for the existence of Bigfoot is possible.

"If the Yeti is real and somebody has found bits of their hair, you should be able to tell from the DNA in the hair if this is actually a Yeti," said Mark Thomas, professor of evolutionary genetics at University College London.

So, if you've been keeping your awesome Bigfoot evidence locked up waiting for the day when a prestigious university wanted to see it, now's the time to dig it up and roll it out.

(The Australian via Zap2It)

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