One more reason to be sad for Fringe: The show is losing an agent

Fringe's fall return will be bittersweet in more ways than one. Not only is it the drama's last season, but the show's losing a cast member. Shortly after becoming a series regular, Seth Gabel has been put out to pasture.

Gabel, who played Agent Lincoln Lee, is no longer a fixture on Fringe. The last time we saw his character, he moved to the other side to join Fauxlivia. After he left, the bridge was closed, meaning our chances of seeing him with the gang again are slim to none.

In a recent interview with TVLine, Anna Torv (Olivia) revealed, "I don't think [we'll see Lincoln again]. Unless we go to the other side, no."

But in the Fringe world, isn't anything possible? Have we really seen the last of the nerdy, lovelorn agent? A Fringe insider isn't ruling out a guest appearance from Gabel in the future.

We'd love to see Lee return, with Fauxlivia and maybe Charlie in tow. Since it's the show's final season, anything is possible.

(via TVLine)

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