New trailer for CW's Arrow digs deeper into Oliver Queen's past

We finally have a true preview clip for The CW's Arrow, which sets up the premise and shows off some of the action we can expect once the show ramps up this fall. So how does it look? Truth be told, pretty darn cool.

The first official teaser was just a glorified training montage, though it did give us a feel for the gritty style the creators are aiming for. The second is a full-on trailer for the series, complete with tons of new clips and some pretty awesome flashbacks to Oliver Queen's (Stephen Amell) time spent trapped on a deserted island.

Anyone skeptical that Green Arrow could work as a dark, gritty superhero show should watch this trailer—because it just works. The tone fits, and it doesn't really seem to have that (albeit beloved) cheesy factor that always seemed to ooze from the corners of Smallville. Arrow just looks ... cool.

Check out the new clip below:

Sound off: Are you getting excited for Greg Berlanti's (Green Lantern, No Ordinary Family) spin on Green Arrow?

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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