May the fourth be with you: New Star Wars comic crammed with flying uvaks and a sexy Sith lord

As we pause to reflect on all things Star Wars today, it's okay to nerd out on news of this summer's Dark Horse mini-saga centering on a lost Sith tribe stranded on planet Kesh 5. Not a fun bunch. Head into our tempting lair and turn away from that good glaring light ...

Writer John Jackson Miller's five-issue series, Star Wars: The Lost Tribe of the Sith, focuses on a strange gang of ancient Sith believers dumped on a forgotten planet for 5,000 years. A struggle for power ensues between a power-hungry assassin, Spinner, and his cunning female foe, Takara.

Miller's latest project began three years ago as a set of tie-in e-books to the Fate of the Jedi novel series. Castaways from the stories were starry-eyed followers of a devious, low-ranking Sith apprentice that declared their independence over a crumbling society on Kesh 5 with a stash of lightsabers and healthy dose of evil intent.

"It'd be great, if not for the fact that a planet of Sith believers is always a disaster waiting to happen," the writer says in a USA Today interview "It's a hornet's nest of ambition on this planet, and they're all stuck with each other."

The new comic features gorgeous art by Andrea Mutti, and includes full-color renditions of the secret flying reptiles, uvaks, favored as feathered transportation by the Sith and never depicted until now.

Miller insists there is a definite difference in the Sith characters in the comic and those casual Star Wars fans know from the many Darths.

"The Fate of the Jedi authors established that Tribe members were all human, and prized physical perfection and beauty over all things. They don't believe in facial markings or anything that alters their presumed perfection in any way," said Miller. "It's like a world trapped in time, a place for one big lab experiment where we can see how things play out over centuries."

Something tells us harmony is not something freshly afoot on Kesh 5.

Lost Tribe Of The Sith lands on Earth August 8th.

Via USA Today

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