Disaster experts say repairing Avengers damage would cost HOW much?

It's no surprise that the epic conclusion of The Avengers takes place with a huge battle in downtown Manhattan, as it's been teased relentlessly from the moment the first trailers hit the web. But what if Earth's Mightiest Heroes actually faced off with Loki and an alien army in NYC? How much real-life damage would it cause?

The folks at The Hollywood Reporter decided to dig into that question and got the experts with Kinetic Analysis Corp., one of the major disaster-cost prediction firms, to interpret the battle in dollar signs.

The final, fictional tally? $160 billion, which factors in direct damage, the economic impact, cleanup time and loss of life. That's more than the Japanese tsunami ($122 billion), Hurricane Katrina ($90 billion) and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks ($83 billion). Wow.

"The extensive damage to Grand Central Terminal could prove highly disruptive, depending on the subsurface damage to the subway system," the report states. "Although such damage is unlikely, as the 9/11 events showed, collapsing buildings can cause significant damage to subsurface infrastructure such as gas, communications and electrical systems. Detailed site surveys will be required to assess the state of the subterranean infrastructure."

As for who would be held responsible for cleanup, the report notes that that could be the biggest mess of all. With everything from "acts of war" to "acts of God" as potential write-offs, it could take years to iron out the fictional insurance details.

"Most insurance policies have special provisions for acts of war, civil unrest or terrorism," the report states. "Given the involvement of individuals considered deities in some cultures (Thor, Loki), there is even the potential to classify the event as an 'act of God,' though that designation would be subject to strenuous theological and legal debate."

Sure, a $160 billion cleanup project would suck. But, hey, it beats being one of Loki's mindless minions.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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