Hilarious short shows what happens when Marvel's heroes screw up

Even superheroes have off days. We don't see it in the comics, but they're capable of slipping up, making fools of themselves and being jerks just like the rest of us. For proof, check out one animator's chronicle of the foibles of the Marvel universe.

Junaid Chundrigar's animated short, titled "Disassembled," places Marvel's most iconic characters in some very awkward situations, whether they're saving the world or just trying to have a pleasant evening out with a lady friend. Watch what happens when Wolverine wants to interrupt Cyclops and Jean Grey's cocktail hour, or Venom wants to eat an ice cream cone, or the Hulk wants to enjoy a nice meal.

Check out the full video below and ponder what it would take to get a full-fledged animated series like this.

(Via Comics Alliance)

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