Highest-graded copy ever of Batman #1 breaks record at auction

A top-quality copy of the Batman No. 1 from 1940 has broken an auction record for the issue, which is one of the most highly sought-after out there. So how much did it bring?

The pristine copy of Batman #1, featuring the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder swinging into action, sold for a whopping $850,000 in a private auction at Heritage Auctions. That's the most ever paid for the issue.

Certified in "Near Mint" status, the comic was sold by a private collector and purchased by an investor partnership.

According to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, Batman #1 is the sixth most valuable Comic Book in "near mint" condition.

The sale was a primer of sorts for a larger comic auction planned by Hertiage Auctions, set for May 10-11 in Dallas, Texas.

"It's amazing that three years ago, no comic book had ever sold for even half that amount," said Heritage Auctions vice president Ed Jaster said in a statement. "Heritage is holding a $4+ million comics and comic art auction in Dallas May 10-11. Many collectors and dealers will be watching to see how Golden Age comics perform there."

Though that's a solid performance for Bats, it pales in comparison to the $2.16 million Superman's first appearance in Action Comics No. 1 brought, in a sale by actor Nicolas Cage.

(Via Heritage Auctions)

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