Guy who cosplayed as the Hulk couldn't get the geek makeup off

A Brazilian man got so carried away with his love for The Avengers that he painted himself a lovely shade of emerald and entered a local costume competition. And then he discovered that the paint wouldn't come off. Hulk wash!

Poor Paulo Henrique dos Santos. This all probably seemed like a great idea at the time.

"I spent hours in the bath trying to get this makeup and nothing. I had to ask for help from my girlfriend. The worst is that the paint shows no sign of giving away. The product is impregnated in my body. Even rubbing soap, still green. ... I was happy to run in my community and show the world that we have good here, and disclose my work as a singer. Now I'm very sad, not knowing what to do. I am embarrassed by this situation."

Dos Santos would eventually get rid of the paint, but it took him a full day's worth of scrubbing and enough solvents and cleansers to strip a boat.

(9Gag via Slashfilm)

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