Burton says his Batman is 'lighthearted' compared to Nolan

It's easy to forget that, up until Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight reboot, big-screen superhero films were a bit of a campy crapshoot. Even Tim Burton, who gave us some of the best Batman flicks ever, thinks his take on Bruce Wayne is "lighthearted" compared to Nolan's soon-to-be trilogy.

Burton directed 1989's Batman, along with 1992's Batman Returns, which were considered a pretty dark take on the comic canon—especially when considered against Adam West's camp-tastic 1960s Batman TV series.

But, after seeing what Nolan has done with the Dark Knight, Burton says his adaptation has nothing on the dark grittiness of the latest incarnation.

"I always get told that my material is dark, but nowadays my version of Batman looks like a lighthearted romp in comparison to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight," he told Cinemax Magazine in a recent interview.

Sound off: Do you prefer Nolan's take on the Dark Knight, or Burton's classically awesome Batman films?

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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