Artist creates 9 Star Wars portraits entirely with paint splatters

Remember those bitchin' spin-art booths at the local county fair? Sure you do. Well, nerdy graphic designer Arian Noveir takes it into another dimension with his latest lineup of Star Wars posters bursting with a supernova of color.

The two Darths, Yoda, Boba and friends get a refreshing abstract makeover—splatter paint style. Each Star Wars icon stands out in stunning silhouette, sprinkled with measured doses of vivid signature color. Noveir created an awesome series of Marvel and DC superhero paintings last year using the same digital drip technique, but our glorious gang from another galaxy shines brightest.

Each one is available for sale at his online store.

Clear some space in your man-cave for your favorite. Jackson Pollock would be proud.

(Via The Mary Sue )

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