Say farewell to Grant Wilson with 5 amazing Ghost Hunters moments

Grant Wilson's last investigation with Ghost Hunters can be seen on Syfy tonight at 9 p.m., but over the eight years since he co-founded TAPS he's had some of the most chilling, funny, riveting, startling and downright spooky moments on TV.

Here are some memorable moments from one of our favorite ghost hunters:

Altoona Tantrum

Episode 101: In the show's first episode, Grant consoles a client after she hears some shocking EVPs.

The Stanley Hotel

Episode 222: Even Grant is shocked when a piece of furniture moves during the investigation of the Stanley Hotel.


Episode 601: As Grant and Jason Hawes begin their investigation, they hear some voices.

Cashtown Inn

Episode 404: A picture frame moves after Grant goes to sleep.

Wells of Horror

Episode 717: Grant and Jason see the shadow of a person.

Plus: Grant's Final Investigation

Episode 812: Here's a preview at "the episode that changes everything."

And: What's up with "What the Fetch?"

A look at Grant's workaround for swearing.

What was your favorite Grant moment in Ghost Hunters?

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