See 5 new pictures of Spock from the next Trek film

Remember a few days ago when we showed you that cool pic of Star Trek's Zachary Quinto wearing that weird orange-y space suit while he was being dangled from (most possibly) the nether regions in a harness? Well, we got more of 'em! But this time our Vulcan boy's touching ground and getting in touch with his emotions.

That previous pic only gave us a brief glimpse of Zachary Quinto—who's back in splendid form as Spock in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek sequel, shaved eyebrows and all, by the way—in that weird suit; which quickly fueled first-glance comparaisons with ... Marvel's Iron Man (well, he did kinda look like him, at first glance).

But with these five new pics, we get to have a closer (if grainy) look at Quinto's space suit, and while one of those pics shows the actor being speedily lowered down to the ground, two more have him shed that legendary Vulcan emotional self-control to crack a smile and have a laugh with his stunt double.

What do you guys think? Hate or love the suit?

(via Den of Geek and MSN)

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