Russians mistake street art Space Invader for a bomb, freak out

Apparently, Russian police are not big fans of Space Invaders. A piece of street art inspired by the classic 1970s videogame put Russian authorities on high alert this week as a cute sculpture strung under a bridge was mistaken for a bomb at a Moscow industrial park.

Once the "unidentified object" was reported to police, authorities cordoned off the area and sent in a bomb disposal team. The sculpture featured a cool LED laser pointing at passing cars, which made it seem even more suspicious.

After some closer inspection, police figured out the object was the work of street artist P183, who is (apparently) the Russian version of famed British street artist Banksy. The project was called Traffic Jam Blaster, and the suspended Invader was shooting the LED at passing cars, ala the classic arcade game. Let's be honest: That's just awesome.


"I'm shocked at the police reaction," P183 said via The Daily What. "Who could have possibly mistaken a two-meter-wide space invader for a bomb? What astonished me the most is that when media reported this, they had a picture of actual grenade next to the text."

Now, I get that TV stations use clip art on occasion. But a grenade to represent what turns out to be a neat piece of street art? Bad form, Russian TV stations. Bad form.

Check out an international newscast on the project below.

(via The Daily What)

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