Robert Englund talks the Freddy Krueger prequel that never was

Robert Englund always dreamed (pun intended) of telling the backstory of one of horror films' greatest monsters ever: Freddy Krueger—and now he's telling all about the Nightmare on Elm Street project that never was.

Titled First Kills, this Nightmare prequel would've shown how our favorite razor-bladed killer became the crazy monster we all know and love:

"There was a great kind of 'Portrait of a Serial Killer' kind of docudrama script around, where you see Freddy and his first kills and the courtroom scenes where these really horrible, terrible lawyers keep getting him off; great corrupt lawyers getting him off and then the vigilante parents. Finally in the climax, burning him alive, and maybe you see him manifest, and show up on Elm Street at the very end, where his sort of revenge, reign of terror would be hinted at."

That's what Robet Englund revealed in an exclusive interview with Moviehole.

Some of you Freddy fans will recall that we did see some of Freddy's less-than-auspicious beginnings in 1991's Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (the one with Freddy's daughter), as well as in one episode of the 1988 Nightmare on Elm Street TV series, Freddy's Nightmare.

But would Englund ever return to the role that made him world-famous? Not really, since he thinks that at 64 he's too old for the part. But just a couple of years back, he would have:

"I could've probably done another Freddy or two, but I think that's when Platinum Dunes acquired the rights along with Warner Brothers from Newline Cinema. Their idea was to reboot the franchise and go with somebody younger who could play, could be the same Freddy for years. I'm almost — even now, I'm almost too old to go out there and do the stunts and stuff."

Are you disappointed that Englund never got to make the Freddy prequel First Kills? Or do you think it would have been ... overkill?

(via Moviehole)

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