Read the revealing Before Watchmen tie-in newspaper right now

With the marketing bonanza for the upcoming Before Watchmen prequel comics kicking into high gear, DC Comics has offered up the first real look into the pre-Watchmen world we'll be entering. Get comfy and dig into the latest copy of the New Frontiersman —circa August 2, 1977.

As any Watchmen fan knows, the New Frontiersman is a fictional newspaper featured in Alan Moore's seminal original series that was frequently read by Rorschach.

To get you up to speed on the prequel world of Before Watchmen, you can read up on how the hero-registration Keene Act is doing in the Senate, and learn more about how the "Who Watches the Watchmen" mantra began.

Honestly, a lot of the info here just fleshes out threads from the original graphic novel and will either seem unnecessary or retro-cool, depending on your opinion of the controversial prequel project.

Regardless, it's coming, folks, and this is only the beginning of what will surely be an all-out marketing assault the likes of which will likely leave Alan Moore none too happy.

You can check out the first issue of the New Frontiersman over at the DC website right now.

(via DC)

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