Meet Pope's alien-fighting Berserkers in new Falling Skies footage

This season, the inmates are running the asylum on TNT's Falling Skies. With Tom Mason missing in action, one of the 2nd Mass' wildest, most reluctant members is breaking off on his own.

John Pope has been a troublemaker since day one. His inclusion in the 2nd Mass has always been one of necessity, not want. When Falling Skies returns for season two, we'll see how much damage Pope can do when he's left unchecked.

According to his portrayer Colin Cunningham, "Pope's had more freedom to do some of the stuff that Pope enjoys doing without Mason breathing down his neck." And that includes creating his own group of ragtag renegades called the Berserkers.

The Berserkers share Pope's taste for violence and they have a "shoot now, ask questions later" policy. Some of the main members we'll meet this year include Tector, Lyle and Crazy Lee. You can catch a glimpse of them in this new behind-the-scenes video.

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So what do you think of Pope and his new team?

Falling Skies returns to TNT June 17.

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