Get up close and personal with the Avengers in 10 heroic new pics

If you like your heroes up close and personal, then this newest batch of Avengers desktop wallpaper images will hit the sweet spot and let you stare, longingly, into the eyes of Marvel's finest.

I guess, really, the only choice facing you is, whose eyes do you want to stare into all day: Thor's, Black Widow's, Maria Hill's, Loki's, Captain America's, the Hulk's or Agent Coulson's—and how adorable is it that Coulson is getting treated like a full-blown Avenger? (We're not counting Iron Man or Hawkeye, as their too-cool-for-school eyeguards render that impossible ... and Fury's got just the one.)

The Avengers hits on May 4.

(via Collider)

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