FOUND: Proof Doctor Who's Rory and Amy are going to [REDACTED]!

Now that filming has begun on the seventh series of Doctor Who, rumors from the set are coming out fast and furious. Hang onto your fez for this latest one—it's a doozy. Spoilers ahead!

At first, set reports talked about a squabble between Amy and Rory, but could it be more than that? According to the most recent day's shoot for episode one, Rory was holding an envelope containing *gasp* divorce papers!

Yes, Pond fans, the latest series appears to begin with Amy and Rory's marriage in shambles. The question is—what happens next? We know that the Ponds do travel with the Doctor for a few episodes. Does that mean their marriage problems are quickly resolved, or will that be a part of the ongoing arc?

What do you think? Is a marriage on the rocks a bit too domestic for Doctor Who, or do you like a side of melodrama with your exterminating Dalek armada?

(via Doctor Who TV)

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