Daredevil director says long-awaited reboot has hit a 'boring' snag

Poor Daredevil just can't catch a break. Despite having hired David Slade to direct, Fox is still stewing over the comic book reboot. So what's the holdup? According to Slade, the details are too boring to print.

Over the weekend, Slade took to Twitter to give fans a much-needed Daredevil update. The last time we checked, the film was alive and kicking and he was excited about tackling a new story for the hero. There were even rumors that the director was interested in adapting Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli's "Born Again" arc.

But that was in December, and we were promised another update by the new year. Five months later, Slade has finally decided to throw us a bone.


Well, there you have it. Something is going on behind the scenes that's beyond Slade's control. So he's opting to focus on his other film, Hannibal. But how long is he willing to wait? If Fox is dragging its feet, Slade could jump ship and the new Daredevil could be put on ice.

But we doubt they'd let that happen. They wouldn't want the movie rights to revert back to Marvel (where they belong).

(via Comic Book Movie)

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