Guy regrets his Twilight tattoo, covers with a Spielberg Lost Boy

Ever make a dumb deal you immediately regretted? We're betting it didn't involve needles, permanent ink and the immortal mug of Twilight's Edward Cullen.

Did it? Well watch how one guy's misfortune was smartly transformed into a '90s icon of crowing coolness right out of Neverland.

Yes, Rufio lives on, screaming "bangarang" straight on 'til morning. The two-toned, zebra-headed, slime-coated, pimple-farming, paramecium-brain, munching-on-your-own-mucus, suffering-from-Peter-Pan-envy punk was born a handsome bloodsucker from the beloved 'tween franchise. How this tattooed switcheroo happened is an odd cautionary tale not for the weak of heart ... or anyone unwilling to recall the cheesy Spielberg spectacle of 1991's Hook.

According to Geekologie fan Kylie, two friends agreed to secretly let each other choose their tattoo designs and be blindfolded while the ink was applied. (Do we sense a severe lapse in sanity yet?) Okay, so after the blindfold was removed, dude finds this sparkly vampire on his skin and later has it face-lifted into the pirate-killing Lost Boy leader Rufio, played in the movie by Dante Basco. So raise a toast to the Roof-Man and the talented tattoo artist who supposedly performed the necessary rescue.

Lesson learned here? Friends don't let friends get emasculating Twilight tattoos ... forever.

(via Geekologie)

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