12 sets of sci-fi-themed eggs that'll make your Easter a geeky one

We love Easter. That's because those of us who aren't eating matzoh or ignoring holidays in general get to decorate plain hard-boiled eggs to our heart's content. And our heart wants an Easter egg painted to look like an alien. Or a zombie. Or a superhero.

We found a dozen Easter eggs that we we'd love to serve to our guests—or, for the more artistically inclined, make ourselves.

Of course, if Granny objects to eating an egg in the shape of a xenomorph, you can explain to her that painting eggs pre-dates Christianity by 500 years. Wikipedia writes that Zoroastrians have been celebrating their New Year festival, Nowrooz, this way since at least 2500 BCE.

Check out the gallery below. And pass the salt.

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