With ratings down, Fox helping the Save Fringe effort

Remember that cool Save Fringe hashtag campaign we told you about a while back, with some innovative fans trying to use Twitter to raise awareness of the ratings-challenged Fox series? Well, now the network itself is getting in on the action.

The Fringenuity effort, which sees a new, story-related Twitter hashtag created each week, was actually picked up by Fox in the latest episode to air--with the mysterious #whereyoubelong embedded in the bottom corner of the screen during last Friday's episode.

The idea is actually pretty genius, as Twitter judges trending topics based on how quickly a new hashtag jumps in usage in real time. Fans come up with a unique hashtag each week, so that when folks start using it, it spikes high enough to be listed as a trending topic (you can't just use #Fringe because it's too common, and even a jump in usage probably wouldn't be enough to dent the trending list).

According to Variety, the network likes the idea so much that it plans to keep it going for the remainder of the season.

Judging by last week, it seems to have worked, as #whereyoubelong trended worldwide while the latest episode was live. The only TV-related hashtags to beat it for the week were American Idol, Dancing With the Stars and The Voice--all fairly highly-rated shows--so that's not a bad list to be on.
Sadly, the effort didn't make much of an impact on the ratings last week, though it's nice to Fox backing the fan campaigns to help the show survive.

But the big question remains: Will it be enough to bring it back for a fifth year?

(Via Variety)

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