Thrilling video imagines Hulk/Superman smackdown we always wanted

Part of being a comic book fan is engaging in long, winding, nerdalicious debates that go something like this: "Who would win in a fight, Wolverine or Lobo? What about the Thing vs. Hellboy?" And the grandfather of that fictional fight card is Hulk vs. Superman. Rage vs. will. Now one animator has set out to answer that question with style.

Yes, what you're about to see is a little rough around the edges. But cut YouTube user mhabjan some slack: It's taken him months, seasons to animate this on his own personal computer on his off time from a day job. Regardless, the fight is choreographed very well, and it's fun as all get-out.

There's a part 1 to that fight that you can watch here, and you can see how much better the animation's gotten.

And the fact that this Superman is modeled after Christopher Reeve is just icing on the cake.

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