Dizzying Prometheus pic offers a peek at the pre-Alien universe

The creators of the upcoming Prometheus have been dropping details about the movie like breadcrumbs, and now another nibble has filtered out via a viral marketing site promoting the movie.

Registered users at the Weyland Industries website, the fictional company that bankrolls the Prometheus mission in the film, were treated to an intriguing image that appears to show the universe (literally) in which the film is set.

The movie is a prequel to Ridley Scott's Alien films, and the apparent navigation room revealed in the photo does bear a striking resemblance to the aesthetic of the infamous "space jockey" in the original Alien.

This latest tidbit comes about a week after the awesome, fake TED conference keynote by Peter Weyland himself (played by Guy Pearce) started making the rounds.

For a larger glimpse of the pic, click below.


Prometheus opens on June 8, and that date can't come soon enough.

Sound off: Can you spot any Alien-esque landmarks in the new pic?

(Weyland Industries via ComingSoon.net)

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