New teaser trailer shows off more awesome Prometheus spaceships

We've been taking any fleeting peeks we could get at Ridley Scott's upcoming Prometheus the past few months, and a brief new teaser offers a few more looks at some of the massive sci-fi effects.

The clip doesn't have a ton of new footage, but it does linger a bit longer on some of the huge spaceships flying through the inky sky, and will surely just build on the zeitgeist of buzz around this Alien prequel.

This brief teaser is actually promoting the upcoming full international trailer, which goes live on March 18 (yes, a trailer for a trailer, as meta as that sounds).

The cinematography shown here is just outstanding, and the scope of this film just looks absolutely huge.

Sound off: Are these trailers building the buzz for you on the way to the June 8 premiere?

(via Digital Spy)

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