'Prometheus has landed' in latest TV spot for Ridley's sci-fi epic

With Ridley Scott's touted Prometheus just a few months away, the marketing campaign for the epic sci-fi flick is really kicking into high gear—and the latest trailer makes it look even cooler.

The 30-second spot includes some new footage, along with a bit of narration to set up the story of humanity's search for ... something, in deep space. Though Scott is obviously going for a smart sci-fi flick, the voiceover boils down the premise to a point where your average film fan should be intrigued.

They're really playing up the Alien and Blade Runner legacy with Scott, and if Prometheus is half as good as his previous sci-fi fare, it could be a classic.

There's also a bit of new footage included here, which shows off a bit more of the space-set action.

Prometheus is set to hit theaters on June 8.

(via Collider)

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