Insane foreign subtitles make Revenge of the Sith even sillier

Things can, from time to time, get lost in translation, where tiny nuances of meaning occasionally drift when going from one language to another. But in the case of this particular Chinese bootleg of Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith, someone got a Translato-Bot drunk on absinthe and WD-40 and let it go nuts.

How else to explain the sheer insanity of this version of Episode III, which the subtitles will tell you is actually called The Backstroke of the West? So little of this translation seems tethered to any reality I'm familiar with that it must've been done by a computer with absolutely no contextual clues, or a video pirate just randomly jabbing his fingers at an English dictionary.

For example, here's the opening crawl:

And that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of a subtitle track teeming with profanity and quizzical references to the Presbyterian church. We can thank Jeremy Winterson—who purchased this bootleg DVD in Shanghai and scanned a whole mess of screencaps—for bringing this to light.

Perhaps, when George Lucas releases these movies for the 98th time, this'll be a bonus feature.

(Topless Robot via The Daily What)

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