6 sci-fi and fantasy blockbusters reborn as 8-bit movie posters

Who needs hi-def graphics or crisp Photoshop phonies to sell a sci-fi blockbuster? Gimme the grainy glory of vintage videogames any day. Take a look at a retro gallery of minimalist movie posters all keepin' it real in most excellent 8-bit style.

From Iron Man and Harry Potter to 2001 and Star Wars, these blurry blobs convey the iconic message just as directly as some CGI superstud splashed across a slick poster. While the crude images seem childish by today's standards, let the nostalgia wash over, for these were state-of-the-art back in the miraculous heyday of Sega and Atari game systems.

March on over to Behance for more golden-era movie poster pixelations.

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