1st look at Kristen Stewart as Breaking Dawn's vampire Bella

The Twilight Saga is almost complete. For the franchise finale Breaking Dawn—Part 2, Bella's gone through some serious changes, and we've discovered footage of her "vampy" new look.

[Spoilers for Breaking Dawn Part I ]

At the end of the last film, Bella suffered an intense trauma. She conceived, carried and delivered a baby in what seemed like a week, and died shortly after. In a moment of panic, Edward gave Bella the bite of life, which eventually turned her into a vampire.

For the film's DVD release, the folks at Target held an exclusive in-store event, which included a sneak peek at the sequel, Breaking Dawn—Part 2. The following footage gives a closer look at the red-eyed Bella, as she tries to adjust to her new "life."

"It's strange," Bella says. "Physically I feel like I could demolish a tank. Mentally I feel just drained."

Now that Bella's immortal, she'll have plenty of time to work out her feelings. We wonder what Jacob will have to say about this?

The first trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking—Dawn Part 2 debuts in front of The Hunger Games, which opens in theaters March 23.

What do you think of Bella's vampire makeover?

(via E! Online)

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