18 deliciously inspired sci-fi bento boxes too beautiful to eat

Step away from the chalupa! Who needs dull meal deals when you have these tasty sci-fi, fantasy and horror Bento boxes to devour? Feast your eyes on some nerdy nourishment that looks almost too good to eat.

Bento boxes are traditional Japanese lunches packed in portable plastic and partitioned with tiny compartments. The healthy box lunches are often used as a delicious canvas to conjure up whimsical works of art using crazy culinary ideas from pop culture via molds, stencils and food paint.

Entrees are designed with a whole lotta creativity and imagination, then decorated with cheese, seaweed, seeds, fruits and vegetables, often to create some recognizable characters and themes from the many realms of sci-fi movies, manga and horror.

So grab a spork and dive in to this geeky gallery of edible art inspired by E.T., The Shining, Star Wars and more. Still hungry? Eat some Jello.

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