Face off against 13 reptile/human hybrids from sci-fi films and TV

"Dinoplasty" is the unique theme for this week's episode of Syfy's Face Off (tonight at 10/9C), and as the name implies, contestants will have to use their skills to transform a human into a dinosaur hybrid.

The idea of half-human, half-dinosaur creatures hasn't been explored much in the world of sci-fi. Perhaps it's because, as the contestants prove, the costuming and makeup is so difficult. Or perhaps the idea of ancient man and dinosaurs doing ... well, you know ... is kind of unsettling.

Despite a lack of dino-people, creatures that look reptilian and human are nothing new. To get in the mood for tonight's episode, here 13 classic cases of other sci-fi movie and TV species who resemble bipedal lizardmen.

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