Which Torchwood actor's hoping to return for Doctor Who's 50th?

With Doctor Who's 50th anniversary coming up, rumors have swirled that everyone from former Doctors to long-gone companions could be back to celebrate. Heck, even Sherlock Holmes could drop by for a battle or two.

At this point, nobody other than showrunner Steven Moffat and his team knows who will be back—but one beloved member of Torchwood still hopes he'll make the cut.

Gareth David-Lloyd, who played the character Ianto in the first few seasons of the racy Doctor Who spinoff, told Cult Box he'd be very interested in returning to the role that made him a sci-fi cult icon.

"It would depend on the script, but yes, I think so," David-Lloyd said. "Ianto is very close to my heart and will always deserve a little resurrection if done properly."

Obviously, for anyone who follows the show, there's still a bit of a problem: Ianto died a tragic death in the third series, which upset the brunt of the fan base. Hey, we can always dig out an old Resurrection Gauntlet, right?

(via Cult Box).

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