So what does the 3D American Horror Story poster tell us about S2?

FX has released a new poster for the second season of American Horror Story. If you have a fear of hospitals, sharp objects or mild 3D, be afraid. Be very afraid. This one-sheet gives us the heebie-jeebies!

Before season one of American Horror Story, the network released several vague images. Who can forget the red room that featured Rubber Suit Man hovering over a pregnant Connie Britton? We didn't know what that was all about. So what do we get this time? A hospital. An old, bloody hospital.

The poster doesn't tell us much about the new story, but we can take a wild guess. Judging from the blood splatter on the wall, this hospital probably has a low success rate. That means plenty of dead people, which translates to angry spirits with unfinished business. Haunted houses are great, but haunted hospitals are even better.

As for the cast, Ryan Murphy has confirmed that fan favorite Constance Langdon (Jessica Lange) will be back. Perhaps her devil baby will be responsible for the hospital's casualties.

We have so many questions, but have to wait until October for answers. Who can hold out that long?

What's your theory on American Horror Story's second season?

(via Spoiler TV)

Update: Unfortunately, we just learned that this dazzling poster is a fake. So we'll just have to take our season two theories and start from scratch.

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