Matt Smith denies those Doctor Who 50th anniversary casting rumors

As excited as we are at the prospect of Sherlock, Star Trek 2 and The Hobbit actor Benedict Cumberbatch playing the Master for Who's 50th Anniversary season/celebration/ritual sacrifice, the current Doctor knows absolutely nothing about it.

Even though the British tabloids intimated that Doctor Who (and Sherlock) mastermind Steven Moffat has his eye on Cumberbatch for the new Master, Matt Smith told Britain's Daybreak that if Cumberbatch is joining the Who fun, it's news to him:

"I know Ben and I've not heard anything about it. But he's a wonderful actor and a mate. ... I think he's a bit busy being a Star Trek villain, and he's Sherlock Holmes of course, so he's a busy man."

All of which is true, but none of which preclude Cumberbatch from getting his mean on for Doctor Who. Still, it's firmly in the rumor category for now.

But I'm a little surprised that Cumberbatch goes by "Ben." Why have such a gloriously, ridiculously stentorian name if you're gonna let people call you Ben?

(via The Daily What)

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