Marty McFly will sing himself Back to the Future in a new musical

It worked for Mel Brooks. It worked for Monty Python. Can turning Back to the Future into a Broadway musical pump some new life into an old franchise and introduce it to a new generation? Director Robert Zemeckis and co-writer Bob Gale might roll the dice, thinking it just might.

The principal creatives behind Back to the Future—Zemeckis, Gale and composer Alan Silvestri—are exploring the possibility of bringing the story of Marty McFly and his quest to return to his own time, and not sleep with his own mother in the process, to the stage.

It wouldn't be the first beloved sci-fi property to trade special effects for singing and dancing, but it feels like it might hold some of the greatest potential. So long as it avoids anything like this ...

... and goes nowhere near turning off the dark.

(via A.V. Club)

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