At last! The complete story of Return of the Jedi retold with icons

The artist behind the perfectly diagrammatic dissection of the Star Wars saga—who already gave us A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back—has completed his mission to render the original trilogy without words.

It's been a while since Wayne Dorrington—who describes himself as "six foot-three slightly overweight ginger-bearded four-eyed socially awkward London senior digital designer and illustrator"—delivered his last Iconoscope version of a Star Wars film, but the artist claims that delay was because of Jedi's story complexity:

"Each character has multiple costume changes. The plot runs into three separate lines and constantly jumps between them. Vehicles, scenery, sub characters ... It was a huge list.

"But I started (not that long after I completed the last one) and began by illustrating all of the principle character icons, in all of the costume variations (including Leia in THAT bikini—which I did first as I'm not that stupid). Then, the secondary characters followed and so on. ... I could have been ruthless with the editing down—cut it down to maybe two pages. But I put a lot of work into following the story as closely as I could, and in the end a lot actually happens in Episode VI."

Head over to Dorrington's blog for larger versions of what follows. It's worth it, if for nothing else than Jabba the Hutt as dog poop.






(via The Daily What)

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