New Avengers trailer: More footage, more Hulk, more alien threat!

According to Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk, the Avengers are not a team. They're a time bomb. But don't listen to him. When the going gets tough, the Avengers get going. Or at least that's what they do in their new trailer.

For the most part, the Avengers movie posters have been hit or miss, but the trailers continue to deliver. The latest has tons of new footage, including a glimpse of an alien threat, courtesy of Tony Stark.

As in the earlier trailers, there are shots of the heroes at each other's throats. We've already seen Thor and Captain America go at it, so this time Iron Man's getting in on the action. The Hulk is reluctant to join the team, because he doesn't think they can work as a unit. But guess what? At the end of the trailer, who comes to everyone's rescue? The Hulk.

As Black Widow says, "This is nothing we were ever trained for." But Nick Fury is desperate, and he needs all the help he can get.

The Avengers opens May 4.

What do you think of the latest trailer for The Avengers?

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