Brains get blown out in a set of new pics from the Judge Dredd reboot

We've only seen a few brief glimpses of Karl Urban's helmeted stare from the Judge Dredd reboot so far, but a new set of photos is about to change all that. Prepare yourself for big guns, big armor and a very bloody head shot. The shots come courtesy of the Karl Urban Kiwi fan forum, and they feature a better look at Dredd as well as a good look at Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby). And in case you were worried that this would just be another collection of menacing poses, stop now. This time we've got actual on-screen violence to enjoy. First, there's a shot of Dredd himself firing his big gun amid bodies. And then there's a pic of Anderson putting one in the skull of a poor unfortunate lawbreaker. If these shots are any indication of what's to come when the finished film hits in September, we're more excited for this darker, bloodier Dredd than we ever were. (Via Bleeding Cool)
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