3 out of 7 presidential candidates say they'd let zombies vote

Well, probably not the candidates you're thinking of. No one has gotten presidential hopefuls such as Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum to chime in on zombie citizenship, but a group of lesser-known candidates did offer their thoughts on the issue in a recent Arizona debate.

And, yes—these guys and gal are actually on the ballot.

Tackling hard-hitting issues such as killer whale voting rights, and offering plans that would have sixth graders fill the legislature—"the sixth graders at least have taken a civics class," candidate Donald Benjamin chimed—the seven under-the-radar candidates participated in a debate sponsored by the Tucson Weekly's Project White House 2012. The Q&A featured Al "Dick" Perry, Sarah Gonzalez, Peter "Simon" Bollander, Jim Terr, Donald Benjamin, Kip Dean and Charles Skelley.

When asked if zombies should be allowed to vote, Gonzalez, Perry and Benjamin raised their hands in favor. Three out of seven? Not bad, if you're a zombie. The reasoning?

"Zombies have feelings, too," Gonzales said. "I'm sure of it."

So, there you go. If you're a registered voter in the state of Arizona, and have strong feelings on the zombie rights issue, you now have some viable contenders.

(via Tucson Weekly).

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